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Dark Matter New Camo


Essential Things Every Gamer Should Know

It has just been discovered that Call of Duty has a secret weapon and this is the Black Ops 3. This is an exclusive secret weapon skin, which will be unlocked once the player obtained the Diamond Camo for each single weapon. This is aptly named “Dark Matter” and to put things clear, this looks really awesome.

Learn More about Dark Matter Camo Black Ops 3

The Dark Matter Camo is the hidden weapon featured in Call of Duty-Black Ops III. This also features unique animated purple and some blue smoke with red spots and tints of black that revolves around the gun. This is actually unlocked for the entire weapon through obtaining the Diamond Camouflage for the entire classes of weapon in the game or this simply means obtaining the Gold Camouflage for each weapon that is available in the multiplayer.

Along with this camouflage, players will unlock the Dark Ops challenge known as the “Obtained” providing players calling card with texture if cut diamonds. They’re awarded with additional thousands XP. Weapons that are obtained from the Supply Drops are not really necessary to be completed to get Dark Matter for the Supply Drop weapon.

Ways to Obtain Dark Matter Camo

You are probably one of those who are wondering on how to obtain special camo for your gun. Well, it’s kind of simple provided the right ways. All you need to do is to obtain Diamond Camo on each weapon. This of course means that you will need to grind out all necessary skills, headshots as well as other challenges required to obtain standard camos in all your SMGs, assault rifles, snipers, LMGs and more.

It is true that obtaining Dark Matter Camo is a bit of a serious undertaking that’s why this is considered as an exclusive weapon skin. This pursuit is something that you would surely want to work on to show off your dedication and skills into Black Ops 3.

Tips for Beginners

First, you probably wanted to play Hardcore mode. This is somewhat one of the keys to get camo easy and fast. However, there is this challenging part and it’s about getting the Gold to obtain a hundred headshot. In Hardcore, a shot into the head and a shot kill is involved so it’s faster and easier to obtain headshots. But despite the challenges, you just have to remember that when you work hard to obtain camos, you’ll get much XP effortlessly.

Other essential tips for beginners are:

• Take your time. In case you notice someone who does not see you, then aim for the head and take enough time to obtain easy headshots.
• Take breaks once in a while. This won’t actually hurt you.
• You can use Grip and Quick Draw in case your gun has higher recoil.

It would really take time and skills to successfully get Dark Matter Camo. For more successful and favorable Dark Matter Camo Black Ops 3 experience, search online to learn more information, tips and tricks.