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Making money online can be as easy as sitting down in front of the computer and writing reviews. These reviews can vary, from products already tried, to ones that will be delivered, used and then reviewed, or even just writing reviews for blogs and books – it all depends.

Blogs are a great place to write paid reviews, owning a blog could be the first step to a waterfall of income, or just extra spending money. Although, it is possible to make money reviewing without a blog. First, sign up for a paid reviewing site, below are a couple options.

  1. Using a Blog

There are many sites that pay users to write blog posts about products, BlogExpose, GotReviewed, and LinkVehicle. These sites offer a varying amount of pay for reviews, and typically send payments via Paypal. However, companies who want to advertise on blogs, are looking for blogs with higher traffic, and more internet authority. So it may be a good idea to build a substantial blog before applying to review products.

  1. UserTesting

UserTesting is a website that offers a $10 payment for reviews about websites, the catch though is that while you user test a website the screen is recorded. A mic is necessary too, as UserTesting requests a commentary on each reviewer’s thoughts and feelings during the user test. UserTesting requires prospective reviews to complete a sample test, and if approved the review can move on to paid reviews. Completed reviews take seven days to process, but payments are made daily after the processing time.

  1. SoftwareJudge

SoftwareJudge is a website that pays for honest reviews on various different softwares. They pay up to $50, but the review has to be insightful, honest, and thorough. They have different categories of software to review, such as Business & Finance, Games, Home & Education, and many more, but make sure the software is listed with SoftwareJudge because they don’t accept reviews for just any software. Sadly, softwarejudge only allows three submissions per day, but if the reviews are good enough that could be $150 a day. Checkout here an example a quick review of Online Sales Pro.

Then, keep the work coming in.

Now, here are some points on how to write good reviews that will keep that revenue accumulating. When writing a review try to be thorough and genuine. No one wants to pay for a review that sounds terrible, and won’t be valuable to their company. Provide valuable opinions and work hard, that’s it!