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They say a picture is worth a thousand words. If that’s true then a video is priceless. That’s especially true when you are driving.

Having a video of your journey can turn out to be a lifesaver in so many ways. Other than providing footage that can be used as evidence when needed, you can always store it as a reminder of the great times you had on the journey.

Vantrue X1 Car Dash CamLuckily nowadays getting that video is as easy as installing a dashboard camera. A dash cam (as is popularly known) is a small recording device that you mount on the dashboard (or windshield for some models) of your car. It records everything that happens on the road ahead and around your car as you drive.

In case of an accident or incident you can use the footage to vindicate yourself. You may even present it to your insurance company when making a claim as proof that you were not at fault.

The bottom line is that you shouldn’t drive without a dash cam. That said, it is important to get a good one. A good quality dash cam can provide evidence in a court case that is beyond doubt, so be sure not to compromise on the quality of your handy gadget. Speaking of quality, the Vantrue X1 Full HD Dash Cam easily tops all other models available in the market today. If you are going dash cam shopping you have all the reasons to make it your top pick.

Vantrue X1 Full HD Dash Cam – The Best Dashboard Camera

Since its inception in 2015, Vantrue has been committed to creating the most innovative and helpful dash cams that can be used by pretty much any driver on any road. Each product that comes from the company is manufactured with utmost precision.

Perhaps the most outstanding of them all is the Vantrue X1 Full HD Dash Cam. This discrete and compact camera uses the high-end Novatek NT96655 operating system for the best quality of videos and photos. Its built-in microphone will enable you to record audio alongside the video footage. With that you will always have sufficient evidence whenever it is needed.

So what else does the Vantrue X1 offer? Below are some highlights of the main features.

The Amazing Features You Will Get

• Full HD footage: video resolution of 1920 x 1080 at 30fps, capable of capturing road signs and license plates with outstanding clarity.
• Super wide angle: the X1 has a 170-degree angle of view. It covers a very wide area without any distortion.
• Night vision: contains F1.8 six layer lenses that make it capable of capturing the finest of details when you are driving at night.
• Parking mode: there’s a one press button for activating parking mode. When active, the X1 automatically records anything within a 10-meter radius.
• G-sensor: the dash cam will start recording automatically when it detects an impact. It will also save and lock any files automatically to protect crucial footage.
• GPS enabled: the built-in GPS module will track the route and speed of your car – a handy feature when someone borrows your car.
• More beneficial features: include a crispy clear LCD screen, loop recording and excellent audio recording.

In summary, the X1 offers everything that you might possibly need in a dash cam. The sleek, appealing design also adds elegance to the great features it brings to the table, or more precisely, your dashboard.

Our Review of Vantrue X1 Full HD Dash cam